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  • This is a hilarious and heartwarming novel about the complicated, messy, delightful struggles of modern motherhood, for all fans of Marian Keyes, Holly Wainwright and Zoe Foster Blake.

Send it to Mum this #mothersday - she'll be laughing from the very first page!
  • If your mother figure is a history buff, and LOVES a long read, The Mirror & the Light was tailor-made for her.

The masterful end to the Wolf Hall trilogy is 912 pages (!!) and has already attracted fans, being shortlisted for the 2020 @womensprize. This is perfect if all your Mum wants to do is be transported to another world by near-perfect writing.

#womensprize #mothersday #hilarymantel #history
  • This inspiring memoir from one of our home-grown, unsung feminist heroes, Merle Thornton, is the perfect pick for your fierce fighter mother!

Merle lived a life full of daring, defiance and activism that is every bit as inspiring now as it was when her actions were first bringing positive change for generations of Australian women.
  • Some of the strongest memories passed down through generations are those of shared meals. @mondaymorningcc knows this, and their latest cookbook gathers some of their sweetest heirloom recipes.

We can't think of a better pick for Mum ??
  • Lush, evocative and unequivocally Australian. The Lost Summers of Driftwood is a dreamy novel that will suit fans of Hannah Richell, Kate Morton and Holly Ringland.

Pick it up, just in time for Mother's Day ??
  • Craig Brown's writing is for the Mum who loves historical nitty gritty, but without the boring bits. One Two Three Four is ALL fun bits. It joyfully echoes the frenetic hurly-burly of an era. ‘What a remarkable fifty years they have been for the world … Think what we would have missed if we had never heard the Beatles.’ - Queen Elizabeth II, speaking in November 1997 at a celebration of her golden wedding anniversary

#beatles #history #biography
  • @dervlamctiernan's novels are the perfect match for the Mum obsessed with true crime, Nordic noir, or the classic Midsomer Murders.

Her characters feel like they've been plucked from real life, and her plots are so compelling they'll rip you right out of iso boredom.

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